Edmund Meiser, Wolfgang Meiser, Ulrich Meiser
Robert Vièl, Ulrich Meiser, Edmund Meiser, Wolfgang Meiser, Wolfgang Schell

Reliable, progressive and inspiring

MEISER is a traditional family business. A medium-sized, owner-managed company with its headquarters in Schmelz-Limbach in the heart of south-west Germany; the main focus of the steel processing company is on gratings, profile gratings, staircase systems and metal protection.

Since its foundation in 1956, MEISER has risen to become an international company. In spite of the tremendous growth and worldwide production facilities, Meiser remains committed to his roots and his traditional values. Reliability, commitment, flexibility and customer satisfaction remain his top priority.

Important components of the success of the company are the family management style, as well as technical and human expertise.

These three attributes describe precisely what MEISER communicates to the outside world as a brand. They represent MEISER not only as a company, but also with respect to the products which MEISER manufacturers.