Grating is a structural element that has a high load-bearing capacity with a low dead weight and a high level of transparency. The positive-fitting connection of the bearing bars and cross bars with the surround make the grating not only a very stable, but also visually attractive product. The applications are very diverse, as grating is used everywhere in industry and architecture. As an extremely robust, safe yet light platform flooring, the grating is indispensable in all areas of heavy industry.

Grating is installed in refineries, power stations, steel mills, mines and on oil platforms. Every steelworker, metalworker and fitter needs grating in his trade. Grating is being used increasingly more in the logistics industry as platform flooring and shelves. Architects and building owners appreciate the grating as a product which is both aesthetically pleasing and functional – be this as decorative facade cladding, a suspended ceiling or sun shield.

MEISER offers the largest range of grating worldwide. The diversity of possible applications also requires an unusually large variety of products. Together with our customers we select the right grating from our range. Grating is almost always relevant to safety, and we are well aware of this responsibility.

When one is standing high up on a „breezy“ platform made of MEISER grating, one understands the importance of quality and reliability. We set the highest standards for our products – from the planning stage to delivery.

MEISER grating is 100 % made by MEISER. More than 80 % of all grating are made to measure at our two factories in the Saarland and Vogtland for our customers. Our employees will be pleased to support and advise you with planning your projects. Static calculations and quantity surveys also form part of our scope of services.

 MEISER grating - sustainable concepts.


Staircases are seen as connectors between at least two different levels. Vertical risers and horizontal treads are connected to steps over a slope.

A staircase serves to provide horizontal and vertical access to buildings in order to negotiate height differences with the least possible exertion of force. Building law and safety matters, user concerns and identification, function and spatial experience, clarity and traffic flow as well as aesthetic concepts are determined very early in the course of a basic design brief.

Ramps with a lesser pitch (< 20°) could also be authorized in place of staircases (20 – 45°). Ramps are particularly suitable in buildings where the circulation routes need to be designed to be accessible for old people and those with disabilities. Other fixed access methods are stepladders (< 75°) und cat ladders (75 – 90°).

A staircase can normally be considered as a long-term investment. It needs to contribute to the aesthetic appearance of a space and of course be simultaneously functional and in accordance with the basic guide lines (DIN, GUV, requirements etc.). The surface treatments must at least meet the requirements at its installation location.

Staircases are divided into systems that are either necessary or unnecessary in accordance with building law, whereby a further subdivision differentiates between staircases and winding staircases. We plan, draw and realize your idea for an aesthetically pleasing and functional staircase together with you, our customer. Our comprehensive range of products extends from a fire escape on the outside of a building to various industrial staircases and elegant living room staircases.


Fall protection mats

MEISER is primarily known as a leading manufacturer of gratings.

However, our range extends from sheet metal profile gratings, through stairs and GRP gratings, to channels, vineyard fence posts, supporting profiles and wire mesh.

Furthermore, over the past few years MEISER has diversified even more strongly and is particularly active as a service provider in the field of steel processing and hot dip galvanisation.

We offers slit strips in a black and galvanised version and produce tailor-made barrel hoops for high-quality wooden barrels.

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