Welding is a fusion process to create firmly bonded, inseparable connections with the use of heat and/or pressure.

The MEISER welding executions are created and implemented according to the constructional and technical requirements of the DIN EN 1090-2 and -3.

The welding process MAG (metal active gas welding) is used for carbon steel and chromium nickel steel whereas aluminum alloys are welded with the MIG process (metal inert gas). In case of an aesthetic sophisticated application MEISER uses the TIG-process (tungsten inert gas) upon customer request.

MEISER only employs certified welders examined in the areas of application according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1 and -2.

Moreover specially trained operators equip and program our welding robots.

Welding results in a repeatable quality are guaranteed through the use of standard-compliant filler metal and welding gases. Additionally all our welding procedures are certified according to DIN EN ISO 15614-1.