Galvanizing techniques

With the commissioning of the new hot dip galvanising plant we began a new chapter in the summer of 2011. Hot dip galvanising is the last but an important step in the production of the grating and guarantees the long-term corrosion protection of MEISER products without any special maintenance measures. Our new building combines attractive industrial architecture with state-of-the-art technology. The environment and the employees benefit from pollutant-free operations and exemplary working conditions, which in no way resemble the conventional image of a galvanising plant. Behind the beautiful facade, many areas of the building accommodate automated processes which ensure the highest possible level of efficiency and quality.

Each individual grating is loaded according to schedule into the galvanisation process and can be tracked from the time it is hung up on the cross member to when it is taken down on the lifting and lowering stations. There is therefore no danger that grating will get „lost“ in the galvanising process. Chemical pretreatment,

an environmentally sensitive process, is performed in a fully enclosed area which passes the emissions produced through an extraction system to a filter system, so that our environment is not polluted in any way. Using a very powerful dryer, we produce very clean and preheated surfaces before the galvanising

process. This also has a very positive effect on the consumption of zinc and the surface quality. Zinc is a valuable raw material which has to be handled with care.