How do I get an offer?

When all required items are in your shopping cart, click the "letter" icon on the bottom right of your shopping cart. You will automatically receive your offer in PDF format by e-mail. 

Where can I find the total weight of my items?

You can see your item's weight at the bottom of your offer. 

How can I leave a request- or reference-number on my offer?

Before requesting your offer you can enter your reference-number in your shopping cart in the field "commission/reference client".

Can stock articles and special products be combined in one offer?

Both product groups can be combined in one offer when placed togher in your shopping cart. 

How can I add a margin in the offer?

You can add a margin under "Offer calculation - data - margin".  Here you can enter any percentage which will be calculated and displayed in any relevant report. 

Why can't I order special designs directly?

For special design orders, all relevant documents for fabrication must be available.  If you want to order a special design, you can request an offer and send it with a sketch or a draft to your contact person.