Anti - Skid - Properties

Anti - Skid - Properties

In recent years the issue of the slip resistance of walkable surfaces has gained in importance. Wherever work is carried out with glide-enhancing substances, i.e. where oils, greases and emulsions are used, there is an increased risk of slipping.

Outdoors, the weather plays a crucial role. Rain and snow quickly transform many areas into slides. However, MEISER offers a solution to this problem and guarantees a safe grip with MEISER anti-skid grating.These greatly reduce the risk of slipping. Depending on the regulations or personal safety needs, MEISER can supply grating with a classification from R9 to R13.

The required R number for different fields of application is specified by the „Professional Association Rule for Safety and Health at Work (BGR181)“. An analysis of this slip resistance capability is carried out by an independent test institution with clearly defined test equipment (>>see illustration).



DegreeR class
from 3° to 10° R9
from 10° to 19° R10
from 19° to 27° R11
from 27° to 35° R12
more than 35° R13