Bands of barrel

Product information

Over the past few years MEISER has diversified even more strongly and is particularly active as a service provider in the field of steel processing and hot dip galvanising. We have made a name for ourselves as a provider of complete stairway systems. We offer slit strips in black and galvanised form, while in our forming plant we produce vineyard fence posts and supporting profiles for open-air solar modules.Our own tool construction and mechanical engineering facilities position us to develop new products through to production readiness at low competitive cost. From discussions with our customers, items such as fall protection mats (spotwelded wire meshes), for example, have been created, which are often installed at factories in the automotive industry. Many manufacturers of high quality wooden barrels rely on the barrel hoops manufactured by MEISER, which are customised and delivered on a just in time basis.

Please note our minimum order quantity of 20 pieces per item.