Fall protection mats

MEISER fall protection elements are the ideal solution for covering large areas such as false ceilings, defining the edges of stages and enclosing conveyor systems.

They consist of a load bearing tubular frame and welded-on wire mesh. The tubular frame type and the size of the wire mesh are usually defined in the factory standards of the individual automobile manufacturers.

A distinction is made with respect to the fall protection elements between floor elements & side protection.

In the case of the floor element, the mesh grid is chosen in such a way that objects are prevented from falling through. Over the last few years, one particular solution has become established here which prevents the falling through of the 20 mm test balls according to DIN EN ISO 14122-2.

In the case of side protection, this development is also visible, although other types continue to be found which display larger mesh widths.

MEISER fall protection elements are usually delivered with a single powder-coated surface. This surface treatment is advantageous from the ecological perspective and fully adequate with respect to the requirements of corrosion protection.

Upon request, a hot-dip galvanised surface according to DIN EN ISO 1461 is of course also available.

The MEISER fall protection elements are attached in accordance with the respective factory standards by means of U-clamps or directly using self-drilling screws or cartridge-fired pin technology.

Spot-Welded Wire Meshes Details