Fixing and Fastening Elements for MEISER Fall Protection


The conventional connection of floor mats to one another, as well as floor mats to side protection, is carried out using the so-called U-clamp. This consists of a clamping bracket adapted to the tube dimensions, a counter-plate and two lock nuts. U-clamps are supplied in galvanised form.

Direct Fixing with Self-drilling Screw

By means of self-drilling screws it is possible to speed up the installation. MEISER prepares the necessary drill-holes in the tubular frame of the fall protection element before it leaves the factory.

Direct Fixing with Cartridge-fired Pin Technology

Another simplified installation method is the cartridge-fired pin technology. Here too, the required drill-holes are incorporated into the tubular frame by MEISER at the factory.

Screw Connection to an HM 50/30 Halfen Rail

If Halfen rails are used on the steel substructure, this screw connection can be made with a slot nut, bolt and mat clamp.

Element Joint with Connecting Plate

Unsupported joints of fall protection elements may have to be supported in order to transmit loads & deflections. A so-called connecting plate can be used for this. This is adapted to the height of the tubular frame and is easy to assemble.

Element Joint with Welded-on Clamping Plates

Alternatively, alternating clamping plates can be welded on to the longitudinal sides of the fall protection elements. These also provide reliable support to the element joint.