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Product information

BC-type pedestals are made of Polypropylen (PP-C) and can be used as a leightweight subconstruction.

They can be easily installed. Heights can be adjusted accurately. BC-type pedestals can be applied as:

 raised floors in industrial and commercial applications
 terrace and balcony constructions
 catwalks in swimmingpools

BC pedestals are fitted with a screwed mechanism and integrated couplers adjustable in height and they enable an installation of straight floor (height 11 mm up to 1.030 mm).


 salt water resistant
 chemical resistant
• uv-protected
 resistant to temperatures (-30°C up to +90°C)

Overview of BC-pedestals

Modelladjustable rangeweight per piece
BC 1 14 mm fest 0,144 kg
BC 02 28-41 mm 0,290 kg
BC2 42-55 mm 0,310 kg
BC3 55-85 mm 0,353 kg
BC4 85-140 mm 0,450 kg
BC5 116-200 mm 0,595 kg
BC6 200-315 mm 0,785 kg
BC7 224-365 mm 0,930 kg
BC8 330-531 mm 1,265 kg
BC9 437-698 mm 1,600 kg
BC10 545-864 mm 1,935 kg
BC11 653-1030 mm 2,270 kg
slope correction up to 5% + 12 mm + 0,192 kg
slope correction up to 10% + 24 mm + 0,384 kg

A special fixing detail with a threaded BC- plug-in allows the fixing of gratings and similar floorings at the pedestals.