The theme of health and safety at work and accident prevention is growing in importance in companies and institutions. The accident prevention regulations issued by the Professional Associations and the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) are binding legal regulations, so that non-compliance can have serious consequences for any company. In many cases, avoidable accidents at work cause significant costs. A serious corporate commitment to pleasant and safe working conditions has an effect not least on the image of a company and enables customers to draw their own conclusions of the quality of the products and services. Irrespective of all legal consequences, all costs and the damage to our reputation, there is one thing above all that we should not forget: we owe our success to our employees - people who are worthy of our protection.

These are all good reasons for MEISER dealing in depth with this topic. We have developed a range of products which help you to prevent accidents and carry out your work safely.

We have brought these products together in our catalogue called „Health and Safety at Work“ in order to show you at a glance where improvements are possible and required.

Ask your contact at MEISER for advice and carry out an analysis together with us with respect to how you can design your work areas to be even safer. Detailed information can be found in the MEISER health and safety at work brochure.