Shelf Grating

U-Channel Shelf Grating

MEISER has always been at the forefront for reliability and progress. In our most recently developed product, the U-Channel grating, these two characteristics were impressively combined. MEISER has developed a grating which is capable of bearing up to 200 times its own weight.

This shelf grating was specifically developed for handling cardboard boxes. This patented design makes it possible to move these boxes on the deburred U-Channels without damaging them.

* Best theoretical ratio of distributed load in [kg / m²] to weight in [kg].


The U-Channel

Bending strength and safety are crucial criteria in the construction of shelving or racking systems. The U-Channel undoubtedly lives up to these demanding standards.

The example below shows the U-Channel 20x30x1.

Width      w            =            20mm

Height     h             =            30mm

Thickness t             =              1mm

Grating Dimensions

The length describes the length dimension of the U-Channel and corresponds to its clear span. This dimension is usually underlined. U-Channels are available in dimensions between 700-1700 mm.

The width corresponds to the overall level / bay width or a section thereof. This dimension will be determined by the quantity of the U-Channels and the required spacings in-between. Most shelf levels / bays consist of two or three grating panels. The shelf gratings are available in width dimensions between 100-1600mm.

The spacing between the U-Channels is determined by distance from centre to centre of every U-Channel and is at least 35 mm. The clear span between the U-Channels is minus 20mm. However the position of the U-Channel is still adaptable. By creating smaller and bigger gaps within the grating, the U-Channels can act as a support where the load is likely to be at its highest.


Load table and Standard Dimensions

clear level / bay depth


300 kg/qm*

500 kg/qm*

1000 kg/qm*

945 x 890

(10) - 20x30x1

(11) - 20x30x1

(11) - 20x40x1

945 x 1190

(13) - 20x30x1

(13) - 20x30x1

(15) - 20x40x1

995 x 890

(10) - 20x30x1

(10) - 20x35x1

(12) - 20x40x1

995 x 1190

(13) - 20x30x1

(14) - 20x30x1

(16) - 20x40x1

1195 x 890

(10) - 20x30x1

(10) - 20x40x1

(17) - 20x40x1

1195 x 1190

(13) 20x30x1

(14) - 20x35x1

(23) - 20x40x1

* Allowed values for distributed payloads in [kg / m²], and [kg / grating] are valid. Requirements of DIN EN 15635 of a deflection ≤ L / 200 are met. The value in the brackets () is the number of U-Channels on the shelf grating.

MEISER shelf grating offers decisive advantages within logistics systems compared to other shelf coverings. In addition to their durability, they are above all permeable to light and water. This is a key feature when sprinkler systems are used. The high degree of transparency of the grating means that plenty of light is able to enter, thus providing high brightness levels in the logistics system; moreover, the items stored on the shelves can be identified from below. Ingenious detailed solutions mean that the grating is easily installed and offers the additional integrated benefits.

On the following pages we present our solutions, which have been developed together with the leading suppliers of logistics systems.