Special products

HTS wooden beams

MEISER HTS wooden beams are characterised by the combination of wood and steel, in which the unique synergy of this hybrid technology unfolds its potential. With the support of our dimensioning software, determination of the correct sizes is simple, quick and reliable. The technical processing and production of the beams is carried out for a specific project in accordance with your individual specifications. As a result, the most economical solution is always selected from the large number of possible beam versions.

The properties of the MEISER HTS wooden beams at a glance:

high load-bearing capacity: small beam cross-sections, large span widths
simple production: no milling, no gluing
small material requirement: steel sheet 0.5 mm, optimised wood cross-section
excellent appearance: elegant and filigree
long service life: no twisting, warping or creakin
easy to work: low weight, easy to cut to size

With the MEISER HTS wooden beams the economical span widths are usually
7.00 – 18.00m. The construction heights of the beams are 21.00 – 59.00 cm, with a very low dead weight of 5 – 27 kg/m. Such properties are not offered by any other beam system.


Load-bearing Capacity

The static requirements are satisfied by the MEISER HTS wooden beams through the use of the ideal materials. The wood in the cords of the beam is an excellent transmitter of the compressive and tensile forces. The steel web takes up the shear forces in an ideal way. The MEISER HTS wooden beam has a flexible connection. One particular feature of the design is that the moment of inertia increases as the support beam centre increases. In contrast, it remains constant in the case of fully or glued-laminated timber.

Element Construction

Some of the most successful marketing products over the last few years have been prefabricated roof, ceiling and wall elements, e.g. for supermarkets, office buildings, kindergartens, schools and residential buildings. The elements reach dimensions of up to 2.50 x 18.00 m. For this, 3-4 MEISER HTS wooden beams are arranged in each case, lined on one or both sides with oriented strand boards (OSB) and the cavity filled with the desired insulation. Any necessary fire protection linings or sound-absorbing surface coverings can be retrofitted.

Structural Physics

As the steel web is very thin (0.5 mm), the MEISER HTS wooden beam has outstanding properties for the production of heat-insulated components. The insulating properties are better than with the use of beams made of fully or glued-laminated timber, so that cold bridges cannot develop. Owing to the light steel web and the lower overall weight of the structure, the MEISER HTS wooden beam displays good vibration behaviour, which has a positive effect on the sound insulation properties, e.g. in ceilings.

Service Life

The web is manufactured from hot-dip galvanised primary material of the quality S550 GD+Z, with the zinc coating being at least 275 g/m² (20 my metres per side). The corrosion behaviour of coated surfaces under various atmospheric conditions is divided up into the corrosivity categories C1 to C5 in accordance with DIN EN 12944-2. The classification depends on the micro- and macro-climate at the location where the beams are used. The classification is very often class C3. Here it is assumed that the humidity is high and the air pollution moderate, e.g. industrial or urban environment or a coastal climate with low chloride content. Under these conditions a service life for the zinc coating of 20 – 30 years can be expected. Dry indoor conditions on the other hand are assigned to class C1, where a service life of 50 to 100 years can be expected.


The beam can be ideally cut to size with a circular hand saw and corresponding carbide blade. Furthermore, standard timber connecting materials can be used. As a result of the low weight of the MEISER HTS wooden beam, convenient and fast processing is possible, as well as quick installation.

Over the past few years MEISER has diversified even more strongly and is particularly active as a service provider in the field of steel processing and hot dip galvanising. We have made a name for ourselves as a provider of complete stairway systems. We offer slit strips in black and galvanised form, while in our forming plant we produce vineyard fence posts and supporting profiles for open-air solar modules.

Our own tool construction and mechanical engineering facilities position us to develop new products through to production readiness at low competitive cost. From discussions with our customers, items such as fall protection mats (spotwelded wire meshes), for example, have been created, which are often installed at factories in the automotive industry. Many manufacturers of high quality wooden barrels rely on the barrel hoops manufactured by MEISER, which are customised and delivered on a just in time basis.