Stair Treads

MEISER stair treads are manufactured from grating incorporating endplates and non-slip safety nosing to their leading edge. The tread as an essential safety element of all types of staircases must always function correctly, be it during everyday intensive use on the access path to a ski lift, or where subjected to extreme loads, if, for example, the staircase is used in an uncontrolled manner as an escape route by many people during a fire.

MEISER is aware of this responsibility and has designed its stair treads accordingly. The extended, perforated safety nosing fulfils and even exceeds the latest regulations. It provides additional stability, reduces the maximum depth of the opening to 120 mm and fulfils safety class R11. At the request of the customer, the nosing can also be made of a special section, e.g. a non-slip steel flooring plate or a sanded steel angle.

The safety endplates have a pronounced bead, which interlocks with the bearing bars. This prevents the endplate from tearing off prematurely if it is subjected to significant excess loads and causing the tread to fail. The tread surface of the MEISER stair treads can be designed individually. As a matter of principle, stair treads can be produced as press locked grating treads and press welded grating treads. The mesh spacing and height of the bearing bar are determined by the effective width and the customer‘s requirements.

Of course we know what is required in the case of publicly accessible staircases. The stair treads are produced in accordance with the specifications of DIN 24531-1 and provide for a corresponding hole pattern in the endplates. Individual hole patterns are of course possible, as well as notched bearing bars and cross bars, so that slip resistance up to class R13 is possible. It goes without saying that stair treads can also be designed in aluminium and highgrade steel; special designs allow stair  tread widths of up to 4,000 mm.

Lenght [mm]


240 120
270 150
305 180