For flexibility during stamping too, a CNC-controlled punching, nibbling and lasering machine is indispensible.

It offers the perfect combination of many sheet metal preparation steps.

Round perforations, square perforations, threads, beads, lasering free shapes, engraving, centre punching, countersinking, stamping of numbers and letters... almost anything is possible.

Most MEISER surfaces can be applied here "on the metal". Production size 1 can be realised economically.

Technical Data

Hydraulic high-performance punching (300 kN
Integrated 2.5 kW laser cutter

Max. sheet size: 3,074 x 1,565 mm

Punching: 8 mm
Stamping: 3 mm
Lasern: 8 mm (steel)
Lasering: 6 mm (aluminum)
  6 mm (stainless steel)