Special design

How do I calculate a price for a custom-made product?

Click on "products" in the menu path, then on "special design". Then a window will open in which you can enter grating type, material, mesh width and the bearing bar profile. Click "transfer" and enter your dimensions.

How do I add a special product in the menu "special design" when mesh width and bearing bar remain the same?

By clicking "+" on the right side. The article suggested in the line on the left will  be added to the list automatically. 

How do I add a special product in the menu "special design" when mesh width or bearing bar are modified?

Click "Choose product" in the top bar and enter the required data. By clicking "transfer", the article will be added to the list. 

How do I specify cut-outs or another processing for an article?

Select the required article and click "Options" or the adjacent arrow. Then a screen will open in which you can specify the different processings. The item below will be adapted automatically. 

How do I calculate a special grating with raw finish?

The configuration of gratings provides by default galvanized grating in case of steel, pickled grating in case of inox and anodized grating in case of aluminium. Though if you would like to order the grating in raw finish, click "options" and tick the box "raw".

How do I place a special product in the shopping cart?

By clicking "Add" on the top right. 

How do I place an order?

Once you have placed the required items in your shopping cart,  click on the letter symbol in the shopping cart on the top right. This feature is not available for users with "guest login". In this case, the shopping cart is designated for quote requests. 

Where can I see the delivery date?

The delivery date of your shopping cart depends on its content; you can see the estimated delivery time in the shopping cart and on your offer. You will receive the binding delivery date promptly after placing your order with your order confirmation.