Stock program

How do I select a stock article?

By clicking "Products" and then "Stock program" on the left menu path, you will find the different products. You can filter the articles by different categories using the search box at the top of the display. If you are searching  for standard stairtreads for example, double click on "standard stairtreads" to open several fields where you can enter the required data in order to find the desired stairtread. To see all standard stairtreads, click ">>".   

How do I mark a stock article?

Every article can be marked with a label at the top left of the article. Marked articles will be displayed on a blue background in the list. To unmark the articles, click "Offer Calculation - Data - unmark". 

How do I add a stock article to my shopping cart?

Once you have found the required article in the stock program, you can display the article details in a compact form using the hand symbol on the right side. Enter the required quantity and click on the "shopping cart" icon to place the article in your shopping cart. 

How do I place a standard order?

Once you have placed the required items in your shopping cart,  click on the "truck" icon on the bottom right. 

When will my standard order be shipped?

Orders will be shipped within 48 hours respectively with your next collective delivery.