Vehicle fleet

Our company is complemented by an innovative fleet of vehicles. MEISER relies on the new ACTROS 1845 LS, the current benchmark in the long-haul class. The vehicles deliver excellent performance and a high degree of comfort. In addition, many fuel-saving technical innovations and perfectly coordinated services make them profitable on the road. The EURO 6-compliant engines have the lowest emission levels.

According to the MEISER attributes "RELIABLE, EXPERIENCED, ADVANCED" our fleet appears with trained road traffic masters and drivers with many years of professional experience. Our team is very well trained and can answer our customers with good product knowledge.

Our drivers are supported by services specially tailored to the vehicles, such as the standard Mercedes-Benz FleetBoard telematics system. All vehicles are monitored on site and can be called up at any time. This enables us to inform our customers at any time of the current location and the estimated time of arrival, often taking into account the traffic situation, and thus guarantee planning reliability.