The largest production location, the centrepiece of MEISER, is still found together with the head office in the Saarland town of Schmelz-Limbach. All important decisions taken by MEISER are coordinated from Schmelz-Limbach, the seat of the Meiser family. From small beginnings, the site has been extended, expanded and modernised step-by-step. This is where the employees from the very first day deserve our respect: Wilfried Geib, Erich Petry and Achim Rivinius, who played a crucial role in the successful development of the company. No other MEISER site represents the history of the company better than Limbach. The milestones of the first 25 years for the Limbach site are certainly the first production location for grating in the year 1960, the first galvanising plant in the year 1969, the construction of the BEA hall in 1972 and the expansion of the galvanising plant in the year 1976. During this quarter of a century, Edmund Meiser places the focus of his business more on metal protection, the steel trade and steel processing. Only in the early 1980s is the strategic decision taken in favour of the grating product. The subsequent expansions are carried out consistently and at high speed.

In 1984 the first major production facility for grating is opened, followed in 1987 by the development of the splitting business and in 1991 the expansion of the shipping and storage capacities. In 1998 the decision is taken to double the existing capacities for the field of grating once more. Over a total area of approximately 60,000 m² a highly modern production facility and a new architecturally pleasing central administration building is constructed. 10 years later in 2008, the reconstruction work begins for "MEISER in Limbach 2011", the most extensive investment programme in the history of the company with a total investment amount of €40 million.

First of all, new halls are constructed, including state-of-the-art machine technology for the new Pipes Division. At the same time, the existing country road is re-routed in cooperation with the State Government of the Saarland and a total volume of 350,000 m³ removed. This is followed by the construction of a new, ultra-modern single-piece galvanising plant, including an integrated logistics centre, in a hall complex of 24,000 m². With the completion of the factory expansion in the summer of 2011, the Limbach site reinforces its position as a major guarantor of the high efficiency levels of MEISER as a company. Approximately 800 employees currently produce slit coil and cold-rolled strip, grating and pipes, as well as barrel hoops made of galvanised steel strip, in covered production halls with a total area of 240,000 m² and approximately 60,000 m². The location is managed today by the Meiser family, together with a management team responsible for operations.

Founded: 1956
Employees: 800
Business areas: Production and distribution of press welded and press locked grating, barrel hoops, slit coil and cold-rolled strip
Sales region: Worldwide


Gebr. Meiser GmbH
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66839 Schmelz-Limbach

Telephone: + 49 (0) 68 87 30 9-0
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