Industrial / Maintenance Staircases

Industrial staircases need to withstand the highest demands every­ day. They have to reliably fulfil their function at all times in their relevant area of application, whether in the food industry, heavy industry, in a warehouse, a sewage plant or as staircases and walkways in production- relevant areas. It goes without saying that all safety aspects prescribed by the relevant trade associations must also be taken into account.

Industrial staircases can be either indoors or outdoors, can vary as a straight staircase, a walkway or a spiral staircase over numerous storeys. No maintenance work must ever become necessary over the course of their entire lifespan.

Given the limited space that is available in technical systems, it is also possible to find the solution for a technically necessary climb in a combination of spiral and straight staircases. We construct specialist steel structures for the stabilisation of the staircase systems in accordance with requirements and can be included in the scope of delivery of the staircase system.