Energy management system


MEISER was certified in 2013 by the auditors of the firm GZQ mbH for the energy management system according to ISO 50001. The primary aim of the introduction of an energy management system is to reduce energy consumption, i.e. the demand for electricity, gas and heating oil. With the certification, the theme of energy and the environment is firmly anchored in the corporate policy. Projects to reduce energy consumption are systematised as a result and become part of the corporate strategy. The first measures which are already being implemented include the re-equipping of an entire production hall to LED lighting technology, the introduction of sensors which determine the lighting requirements and thereby regulate the intensity of the lighting, as well as the establishment of a system for heat recovery.

After continuously enhancing our energy efficiency for the past four years, we can state that our energy management system has improved significantly. Via the integration of our energy management system in all processes and thanks to our great inter-divisional cooperation we were able to achieve many of the energy-saving goals that were set. We expect that all projects which are being carried out in the current financial year will impact our energy balance considerably.

Current projects are for instance the modernization of our heating systems or the introduction of a new measuring system. This system enables us to identify influencing factors and thus initiate corrective measures early on.