MEISER Ferroste Kft.

The company Ferroste Kft. with headquarters in Dunaújváros was established in 1992 as a joint venture between the Hungarian steelworks Dunaferr and MEISER. The personal business relationship between Edmund Meiser and the long-standing General Director of the steelworks, Mr István Horváth, which goes back well into the late 1970s, forms the basis for this step shortly after the end of the Cold War.

Under the managership of Mr László Berényi, who still successfully runs the business today, promising commercial activities develop very quickly from small beginnings, and can be further promoted from 1995 on by the construction of the company's own production locations for grating.

For the strategic expansion of the Eastern European market, a sales office is established in Romania in 1998 under the name MEISER România S.R.L.

In 2000 the product range is expanded with the manufacture of straight and spiral staircases.

Since 2003 MEISER Ferroste Kft. has been a wholly-owned subsidiary and therefore a central base for MEISER for Eastern Europe. In 2006, the location is again significantly expanded with the construction of a new production hall covering an area of 2,500 m². Through the investment in a new pressing line, the grating capacities are significantly expanded in the spring of 2011. In 2015, further investments were made to expand the Hungarian location. With the purchase of an existing real estate property in the immediate vicinity of the current site, a second facility is now available.

Founded: 1992
Employees: 100
Business areas: Production and marketing of grating, scaffolding, straight and spiral staircases
Sales region: Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Meiser Ferroste Kft.

Papirgyári ut 13
H-2400 Dunaújváros

Telefon: + 36 (0) 25 511-100 und 511-012
Telefax: + 36 (0) 25 501-870