PMI MEISER Gratings Ltd

The company PMI MEISER GRATINGS Ltd has its origins in the merger of the firms PMI MEISER GRATINGS Ltd and MEISER Gitterroste (Switzerland) AG in the year 2004. The firm PMI MEISER GRATINGS Ltd was founded in 1987 by Mr Alexander Imhof and developed over the years into a leading trading company in Switzerland in the field of grating.

The sales activities of MEISER in Switzerland began in the 1980s. Initially the company only sold its products through a local trading company. With the takeover of Wema and Eberspächer Gitterroste AG, the best-known grating manufacturer in Switzerland at the time, MEISER implemented a change in its strategy in the year 2000 in order to develop the Swiss market better for itself. In early 2004 there is an opportunity in the form of a merger with PMI MEISER GRATINGS Ltd to bring together the business activities of the two companies. From now on, the Swiss market is served through the firm PMI MEISER GRATINGS Ltd with its headquarters in Weiningen near Zürich. Alexander Imhof manages the business and holds 50% of the company's capital in addition to MEISER. Based on the high-performance production locations in Oelsnitz and Limbach, PMI MEISER is today considered to be a leading supplier of grating in Switzerland. Sales success is guaranteed by the experienced and communicative sales team under the leadership of Alexander Imhof. An important factor in this is the reliable order processing in the three national languages.

Founded: 2004
Employees: 7
Business areas: Marketing of grating, staircase systems, sheet metal profile grating, vineyard posts and steel strip
Sales region: Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein


PMI Meiser Gitterroste AG

Schlüechtistrasse 6
8104 Weiningen ZH

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Telefax: + 41 (0) 44 751 70 55