The joint venture company LIONWELD MEISER LLC has its origins in the Lionweld Kennedy Middle East branch founded in the year 1999, a joint venture between the grating manufacturer of the same name from the United Kingdom and the DUTCO Group from Dubai. As long ago as 2003, DUTCO acquired all of the shares and developed the company within a short time into a leading supplier of grating in the Middle East. DUTCO (Dubai Transport Company) is a group of companies with a broadly diversified portfolio of corporate activities, one of the best-known companies in Dubai and employing more than 10,000 people.

In 2004 MEISER's attention is drawn to the entire Middle East region by the acquisition of a large contract for the new airport in Dubai. The enormous dynamism in the economy of the Middle East quickly ensures further successes and leads directly to the establishment of the company's own sales office under the managership of Mr Robert Vièl, who as a pioneer from day one played a decisive role in shaping the successful market entry of MEISER in the Gulf region.

Recognising the strategic benefits for both sides, MEISER joins the existing production company Lionweld Kennedy Middle East at the end of 2005. Under the new name of LIONWELD MEISER LLC and the changed ownership structure, major investments are made from the spring of 2006 on. The capacity of the company has tripled since then, with the business developing to the full satisfaction of the owners.

LIONWELD MEISER LLC has a high market share throughout the Gulf region and is the first contact partner for internationally active plant manufacturers from the USA, Germany, Japan and Great Britain, particularly in the case of large projects in the energy sector. Covering an area of approximately 30,000 m², LIONWELD MEISER LLC is the largest production factory of MEISER outside Germany.

Founded: 2006
Employees: 280
Business areas: Production and marketing of grating and railing systems
Sales region: Gulf region, Iran, Iraq, India, Pakistan and Singapore


Lionweld Meiser LLC

DUTCO Compound
Jebel Ali Industrial 2
United Arab Emirates

Telefon: + 971 (0) 48 80 11 25
Telefax: + 971 (0) 48 80 11 99