We are all responsible for the future of our planet. Each individual can do something to relieve the pressure on our environment to the best of their abilities.

There are numerous ways of reducing energy consumption, saving water and electricity, making conscious decisions when shopping or avoiding waste. But the responsibility of an entrepreneur goes further. The environment of a company comprises the immediate location, the working conditions of the employees, the design of the production processes and the manner of dealing with all associated pollutants and waste materials. With the introduction of an energy management system we are making our pledge for a responsible approach to dealing with the environment. Our investment in state-of-the-art environmental technology, which goes well beyond that stipulated by the law, is an integral part of our corporate policy. Over the coming years it is our intention to continuously reduce our energy consumption and raise the awareness of our employees with respect to this important theme. From 2013 on, we will be honouring the best proposal for energy savings with the new MEISER Environment Award.

Reliable, inspiring and progressive - for our environment.