External sales force

Know-how, quality, modern machinery, reliability and the best possible solutions to problems are the pillars on which our work is based.

Nevertheless, this is not the most important part of what makes us successful, but rather our employees, who step up to the plate every day to give their best on your behalf and position us successfully in the market.

This applies to everyone in our company - and that makes us proud. Business is done between people and not between systems. In order to ensure this in a sustainable manner and really be able to satisfy your wishes and requirements, the MEISER company puts its faith in an old, but tried and tested sales strategy: support from our professional external sales force on site in your company.

Put your faith in short communication channels and reliable contact persons who advise you on the basis of their experience and expertise, highlight possible solutions and will immediately provide you with assistance in the event that not everything is running smoothly. In our opinion this is the only correct way to ensure that your requirements are met.

We will not abandon this course, because it is the way to achieve quality and reliability which begins with the products and certainly does not end with customer support.