Products and system solutions made of GRP are more and more applied in industrial areas and in public areas as well. Due to their outstanding resistance to corrosion and long-life cycle, they are a true alternative to products made of stainless steel or aluminium. (more)


Moulded GRP Grating
Moulded GRP Stairtreads
I-Bar Type pultruded GRP-Grating
T-Bar Type pultruded GRP-Grating
GRP Safety flooring
GRP Sandwich grating
GRP Safety floor panels

GRP-Construction profiles

GRP-Construction profiles


GRP Constructions


GRP Standard guardrail
GRP Roundtube guardrail
GRP-Crossbar guardrail

GRP-Ladder systems

GRP Ladders
GRP Self closing safety gates


GRP Pedestals



Even coated and varnished steel products are more and more replaced by GRP products.

The advantages of the material are:

  • resistance to corrosion to a multitude of aggressive mediums
  • easy processing
  • low maintenance requirements
  • electrical and thermal isolation
  • individual colouring (RAL) possible
  • UV stability

MEISER offer you a wide choice of GRP products and system solutions.