High-grade steel centre of excellence

In our high-grade steel competence centre on the Limbach site, the high-quality materials of high-grade steel and aluminium are used to produce MEISER grating of a particularly high standard. The production of high-quality grating from highgrade steel and aluminium requires craftsmanship and the appropriate machinery. Furthermore, no ordinary black steel should be processed on the corresponding production lines if possible, as otherwise this will inevitably result in a deterioration in surface quality. We ensure the high quality of our products with state-of-the-art punching and pressing plants which are reserved exclusively for the production of high-grade steel and aluminium products. A modern waterjet cutting machine also guarantees that the cutouts are of the highest level that could never be reached with manual processing. Ultimately, we also place great emphasis on accuracy and reliability with respect to surface treatment and packaging in order to ensure that the goods reach the customer without being damaged.

Contact Person

Thomas Linden

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