How do I change my password?

You can change your password in the top menu bar by clicking the "My Home" button on the right side. Enter your old password and new password, then click "Change Password".

How do I access my general data?

Click the "My Home" button at the top-right. You can now change your data under "General data", then click "Save".

How do I change the source language?

You can see the available languages by clicking on the flags in the top bar. Choose the required language by clicking and then restart the calculation tool.

How do I access my shopping cart?

By clicking the shopping cart item in the top bar.

Stock programm

How do I select a stock article?

By clicking "Products" and then "Stock program" on the left menu path, you will find the different products. You can filter the articles by different categories using the search box at the top of the display. If you are searching  for standard stairtreads for example, double click on "standard stairtreads" to open several fields where you can enter the required data in order to find the desired stairtread. To see all standard stairtreads, click "next".

How do I add a stock article to my shopping cart?

Double-click the required stock article to display the data in a compact form. Choose the required quantity and place the article in the shopping cart by clicking "Add".

How do I place a standard order?

Once you have placed the required items in your shopping cart,  click on the "truck" on the top right.

When will my standard order be shipped?

Orders will be shipped within 48 hours respectively with your next collective delivery.

How do I filter articles in the stock program?

If you need certain dimensions, mesh widths or bearing bars, you can filter the articles in the stock program accordingly. Enter the required data in the corresponding column and receive an overview of all stock articles containing these features.  

Special design

How do I calculate a price for a custom-made product?

Click on "products" in the menu path, then on "special design". Then a window will open in which you can enter grating type, material, mesh width and the bearing bar profile. Click "transfer" and enter your dimensions.

How do I add a special product in the menu "special design" when mesh width and bearing bar remain the same?

By clicking "+" on the right side. The article suggested in the line on the left will  be added to the list automatically.

How do I add a special product in the menu "special design" when mesh width or bearing bar are modified?

Click "Choose product" in the top bar and enter the required data. By clicking "transfer", the article will be added to the list.

How do I specify cut-outs or another processing for an article?

Select the required article and click "Options" or the adjacent arrow. Then a screen will open in which you can specify the different processings. The item below will be adapted automatically.

How do I calculate a special grating with raw finish?

The configuration of gratings provides by default galvanized grating in case of steel, pickled grating in case of inox and anodized grating in case of aluminium. Though if you would like to order the grating in raw finish, click "options" and tick the box "raw".

How do I place a special product in the shopping cart?

By clicking "Add" on the top right.

How do I place an order?

Once you have placed the required items in your shopping cart,  click on the letter symbol in the shopping cart on the top right. This feature is not available for users with "guest login". In this case, the shopping cart is designated for quote requests.

Where can I see the delivery date?

The delivery date of your shopping cart depends on its content; you can see the estimated delivery time in the shopping cart and on your offer. You will receive the binding delivery date promptly after placing your order with your order confirmation.

Shopping cart

How do I delete an item from my shopping cart?

By clicking the "delete"-button at the corresponding article in your shopping cart.

Where can I find the total weight of my items?

You can see your item's weight on the top in your shopping cart or alternatively at the bottom of your offer.

Can I still modify my shopping cart?

You can modify at will the quantity in your shopping cart. Though if you change the dimensions of a customized product, this article has to be revised in "Special design" and added to the shopping cart again.

Can I place an order via the shopping cart with a guest account?

With a "guest login", you can use your shopping cart exclusively for quote requests. Once you have placed the required items in your shopping cart, click on the letter symbol on the top right. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate sales employees and you will immediately receive your personal offer via e-mail.


How do I get an offer?

When all required items are in your shopping cart, click the letter symbol on the top right of your shopping cart. You will automatically receive your offer in PDF format by e-mail.

Can I retrieve previous offers?

By selecting the menu item "offers", you can retrieve any previous offer in PDF format.

How can I leave a request- or reference-number on my offer?

Before requesting your offer you can enter your reference-number in your shopping cart in the field "commission/reference client".

Can stock articles and special products be combined in one offer?

Both product groups can be combined in one offer when placed togher in your shopping cart.

How can I add a margin in the offer?

You can add a margin by clicking on the "banknote" on the top right in your shopping cart.  Here you can enter any percentage which will be calculated and displayed in any relevant report.

Can I modify an offer subsequently?

You can copy any previous offer in your shopping cart by selecting the required offer in the list and by clicking on the "2 sheets" at the top-right. Then you can delete items separately, modify them or add items. In any case, you will receive an new offer.

Why can't I order special designs directly?

For special design orders, all relevant documents for fabrication must be available.  If you want to order a special design, you can request an offer and send it with a sketch or a draft to your contact person.