Range accessibility

MEISER accessibility range products are used wherever buildings, paths and places are to be designed barrier-free. Whether you want to overcome height differences or make paths and stairs safer - our corresponding profile planking products guarantee very high slip resistance due to their special embossing or perforation.


Costiere ramp
Riviera ramp
Oceane ramp

Profil Tolplot

Profil Tolplot


Carpet Tolplot
Checkerboard Carpet Tolplot
Classic Carpet Tolgom
Accessibility Carpet Tolgom

Flat Sheet

Bulb Plate

Step Nosing

Step Nosing Licorne
Step Nosing Mayol
Step Nosing Nervopal

Trough slip AGUILERA

Trough slip Aguilera


Armandie Step
Step Depth 240
Step Depth 330 classic
Step Depth 330 Nosing Licorne
Step Nervopal
Step Mixte 3Z