Pilotage pier at the port, Brunsbüttel
» Pilotage pier at the port, Brunsbüttel
Secondary school Ammersee, Dießen am Ammersee
» Secondary school Ammersee, Dießen am Ammersee
Treetop walk Steigerwald, Ebrach
» Treetop walk Steigerwald, Ebrach
Private school Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie, Luxemburg
» Private school Notre-Dame Sainte-Sophie, Luxemburg
Automotive plant, France
» Automotive plant, France
Van Volxem, Wiltingen
» Van Volxem, Wiltingen
Viewing platform, Göttelborn
» Viewing platform, Göttelborn
National Library, Luxembourg
» National Library, Luxembourg
Car park, Bietigheim-Bissingen
» Car park, Bietigheim-Bissingen
Rail station, Cents Luxembourg
» Rail station, Cents Luxembourg
Rail station, Howald Luxembourg
» Rail station, Howald Luxembourg
Lighthouses, Glückstadt
» Lighthouses, Glückstadt
Apartment building, Hamburg
» Apartment building, Hamburg
Train formation facility, Hamburg
» Train formation facility, Hamburg
Museum Burg Heinfels, Austria
» Museum Burg Heinfels, Austria
New Apostolic Church, Frankenthal
» New Apostolic Church, Frankenthal
Secondary School, Eching
» Secondary School, Eching
Ice Stadium, Kaufbeuren
» Ice Stadium, Kaufbeuren
Hospital Bad Colberg
» Hospital Bad Colberg