MEISER Rejillas Hispania S.L.

In conjunction with internationalisation and the development of the European market, Spain plays an important role for any international company. For a better assessment of the possible opportunities - but also of the risks - associated with the setting-up of a branch in Spain, a sales team is initially established in the external sales force.

This external sales force with local employees was controlled and administered centrally from our company headquarters. Even during the first few weeks, all of the expectations relating to the sales strategy used were exceeded in the positive sense. The MEISER products, mainly the MEISER grating and sheet metal profile grating, are very well received by the market and the number of customers is increasing constantly.

As a result of this very positive development, MEISER has decided not to revise its plans to set up a branch in Spain, but to launch it as quickly as possible.

The strategic background to this decision is also the acquisition of major customers, as many international companies working in the construction industry have their headquarters in Spain. This project is also being encouraged by the fact that the planned development of a network in Central and Latin America is imminent, which as a result can be implemented far more effectively.

The company with headquarters in Spain, Cartagena is established in the year 2009. In conjunction with the development of this branch, Mr Christan Weber, a long-time employee at the parent company in Schmelz-Limbach, has relocated his place of residence to Spain for approximately 16 months and coordinated all the necessary steps for the local opening of the company. Currently there are three employees working for MEISER in Spain, whereby the cooperation with our company headquarters is very close.

The sales region now goes beyond the Spanish borders and also includes Portugal.

Founded: 2009
Employees: 3
Business areas: Marketing of grating and sheet metal profile grating, production of grating
Sales region: Spain, Portugal


Meiser Rijillas Hispania S.L.

Polígono Industrial Cabezo Beaza
Avenida Luxemburgo s/n
Centro Empresarial "Cartagena Plaza"
Planta 1ª-Local 1.3
C.P.30353 Cartagena (Murcia)

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