MEISER Sweden AB has its origins in the Swedish grating trading company NTJ Sweden AB, which had already been operating as MEISER's exclusive representative in Sweden since the 1990s.

In January 2008, NTJ Sweden AB is taken over completely by MEISER and subsequently renamed MEISER Sweden AB.

MEISER Sweden AB is now represented with sales offices in Gothenburg, Sundsvall and Stockholm, as well as a warehouse in Gothenburg and offers the entire range of MEISER products.

Founded: 1991 / 2008
Employees: 4
Business areas: Marketing of grating, sheet metal profile grating and stairs
Sales region: Sweden


Meiser Sweden AB

Box 8778
SE 402 76 Göteborg

Telefon: +46 (0) 10-458 00 00
Telefax: +46 (0) 31-55 40 51