MEISER Austria GmbH

In 2008 MEISER and DOMO decide to establish a joint venture company in order to better exploit the level of awareness of the MEISER brand while at the same time acting directly as a manufacturer. Simultaneously, the owners of the firm DRUMETALL, the only Austrian grating manufacturer with a leading market position, decide not to continue working in this business segment.

The negotiations are quickly initiated and successfully completed. As part of an asset deal, MEISER takes over the brand, customer base and machinery of Drumetall. Domo ends its involvement in the field of grating and its role as a shareholder. As we are able to convince some of the long-standing sales employees at Drumetall of the advantages of the project, these now form the backbone of our sales activities in Austria under the new name of MEISER Austria. With the support of a powerful Austrian team in Limbach, we now provide across-the-board support to our customers in Austria. Our own external sales force and the small external office in Graz guarantee proximity to the customer. We focus in particular on partnerships with the dominant iron traders in Austria.

We must not fail to mention that with their personal dedication, Horst Kisslinger - an old hand in the field of grating - and Erich Petry, a long-standing Sales Manager in Limbach, play a decisive role in the positive development in turnover in Austria.

Founded: 2008
Employees: 5
Business areas: Grating, sheet metal profile grating and stairs
Sales region: Austria


MEISER Österreich GmbH

MEISER Österreich GmbH
Anton-Hubmann-Platz 1
8077 Gössendorf

Telefax: +43 (0) 03135 - 409 53