Marangoni MEISER pisos metálicos Ltda

The outstanding economic developments in Brazil, as well as the country's political stability and its proximity to European culture, induce MEISER in 2009 to consider entering the Brazilian market.

After a considerable period of market research and several fact-finding trips, the decision is taken to install a cutting business in Mogi Mirim, 80 km from São Paulo. MEISER Do Brasil is founded in 2010, and in the spring of 2011 the first mat is cut on the saw manufactured in Oelsnitz.

The company MARANGONI MEISER, founded in 2012, arises from a joint venture with the Brazilian family-run company Marangoni.

In spite of all the bureaucratic and language barriers, there is great confidence that it will be possible to expand MARANGONI MEISER into one of the most important production locations within the MEISER Group over the long term. The strong growth in the population and the high demand for raw materials in this large country are ideal preconditions for a strong increase in the demand for grating in South America.

Founded: 2010
Employees: 28
Business areas: Marketinf Grating and sheet metal profile grating, production of grating
Sales region: South and Central America
Marangoni Meiser Pisos Metálicos Ltda.
Pisos Metálicos Ltda.
Avenida João Pinto, 1017
Parque da Empresa
CEP 13803-360 Mogi Mirim – SP
Telefon: + 55 19 38059640