Hady MEISER Egypt

The Multi M Group with its headquarters in Cairo is a successful and traditional family business. Approximately 1,000 employees manufacture a wide range of products with the focus on the fields of expanded metal and steel furniture, as well as various components for the automotive industry.

As long ago as the early 1990s, Multi M began with the manufacture and marketing of grating in North Africa. In the search for state-of-the-art production technology and the right strategic partner to expand its business activities, the attention of the company is ultimately drawn to MEISER. For MEISER this is also an ideal opportunity to enter the African market. Trusting contacts based on partnership are quickly established between the two owners, the El Sayed and Meiser families. This encourages both sides to enter into a strategic partnership and establish a joint venture company.

Multi MEISER Egypt is founded in the year 1999. After a construction period of just 6 months, the El Sayed family makes a modern production hall available, while MEISER in Vogtland builds and installs the appropriate machines for the Egyptian market. Under the management of Mr Eslam El Sayed, the son of the founder of the Multi M Group, Mr Abdel Hady El Sayed, the company develops rapidly. The turnover and income increase 10 years in succession. In 2009 the company relocates to a new industrial estate. Here, a new production hall with an area of 10,0000 m² is constructed. The value creation is increased by the installation of two slitting plants. The company is renamed HADY MEISER in honour of Abdel Hady El Sayed. The outstanding quality of the grating produced by HADY MEISER guarantees a leading position in the North African market. The future prospects are positive, even if the political upheaval in Egypt in February 2011 proves a major test for the country.

Founded: 2000
Employees: 110
Business areas: Marketing of grating
Sales region: North Africa
Hady Meiser Egypt

2 Asma Fahmy St. - Heliopolis
Kairo - Ägypten

Telefon: + 20 (0) 2 241 75 822
Telefax: + 20 (0) 2 229 03 879

Produktion und Verkauf:
El Shrouk Industrial Zone
Khanka, Kaliobia

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