France therefore also plays an important role as a production location; as the second most important sales market after Germany it was - and still is - of major significance for MEISER anyway.

As a company with its origins in the Saarland, MEISER has had a strong relationship and contacts with its French neighbours from the very beginning. In the year 1994, MEISER establishes its own subsidiary company in France and pools its sales activities for the French market under the name MEISER Caillebotis SARL in Alsace.

With the takeover of the firm Altenberg Gitterrostwerke by MEISER in the year 1995, their French branch ELFOR S.A. is also integrated. The two individual companies are merged in 2003 to form MEISER ELFOR S.A. With the takeover of the Sheet Metal Profile Grating Division of the firm KRIEG & ZIVY, the successful development of a new market segment is achieved. In 2006 LE CAILLEBOTIS TOLARTOIS is taken over by MEISER and subsequently merged with our French subsidiary to form MEISER SARL.

The immediate proximity to France of the parent plant in Limbach in Saarland allows flexible and punctual deliveries to the entire French market. These preconditions, as well as the consistent and motivated dedication of our French employees under the managership of Mr François Bernardeau, led to MEISER in France becoming successful and well known.

With 25 years of experience, MEISER SARL is a leading and permanent player on the French grating market.

Founded: 1994
Employees: 50
Business areas: Manufacture and marketing of grating, sheet metal profile grating, staircase systems, vineyard posts and steel strip
Sales region: France and French overseas territories



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