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The largest production location, the centrepiece of MEISER, is still found together with the head office in the Saarland town of Schmelz-Limbach. All important decisions taken by MEISER are coordinated from Schmelz-Limbach, the seat of the Meiser family. From small beginnings, the site has been extended, expanded and modernised step-by-step. This is where the employees from the very first day deserve our respect: Wilfried Geib, Erich Petry and Achim Rivinius, who played a crucial role in the successful development of the company. No other MEISER site represents the history of the company better than Limbach. The milestones of the first 25 years for the Limbach site are certainly the first production location for grating in the year 1960, the first galvanising plant in the year 1969, the construction of the BEA hall in 1972 and the expansion of the galvanising plant in the year 1976. During this quarter of a century, Edmund Meiser places the focus of his business more on metal protection, the steel trade and steel processing. Only in the early 1980s is the strategic decision taken in favour of the grating product. The subsequent expansions are carried out consistently and at high speed.

In 1984 the first major production facility for grating is opened, followed in 1987 by the development of the splitting business and in 1991 the expansion of the shipping and storage capacities. In 1998 the decision is taken to double the existing capacities for the field of grating once more. Over a total area of approximately 60,000 m² a highly modern production facility and a new architecturally pleasing central administration building is constructed. 10 years later in 2008, the reconstruction work begins for "MEISER in Limbach 2011", the most extensive investment programme in the history of the company with a total investment amount of €40 million.

The existing country road is re-routed in cooperation with the State Government of the Saarland and a total volume of 350,000 m³ removed. This is followed by the construction of a new, ultra-modern single-piece galvanising plant, including an integrated logistics centre, in a hall complex of 24,000 m². With the completion of the factory expansion in the summer of 2011, the Limbach site reinforces its position as a major guarantor of the high efficiency levels of MEISER as a company. Approximately 800 employees currently produce slit coil and cold-rolled strip, grating and barrel hoops made of galvanised steel strip, in covered production halls with a total area of 240,000 m² and approximately 60,000 m². The location is managed today by the Meiser family and general manager Wolfgang Schell, together with a management team responsible for operations.

Founded: 1956
Employees: ca. 1000
Business areas: Production and distribution of press welded and press locked grating, barrel hoops, slit coil and cold-rolled strip
Sales region: Worldwide
Gebrüder MEISER GmbH

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The historically unique opportunity to carry out business activities in Eastern Germany after reunification is possible as early as 1990. After a few on site fact-finding trips by Edmund Meiser personally and a few discussions with the then director, MEISER takes the snap decision to take over the former jig and fixture construction section of MLK Plauen with approximately 50 employees in 1991. The firm is founded on 1st February 1991, with the first press locked grating being produced under the MEISER flag as early as the beginning of April 1991. However, given the exceptional growth of the company, the premises of the former state combine quickly become too small, so that it becomes necessary to relocate. In Oelsnitz, which is just a few kilometres away, the Johannisberg industrial estate is completely redeveloped in 1993.

In 1994, MEISER moves into its newly constructed production facility for grating and staircase systems. From now on, the company's own slitting plants based on the parent plant in Limbach increase the independence of the location, while the product range is supplemented by vineyard posts made of steel. A further major investment follows just a short time later. With the firm uwM Stanztechnik, the production of press welded grating is significantly expanded. At the same time, toolmaking and mechanical engineering gain significance, thereby functioning more than ever as a MEISER competence centre. A new central office rounds off the investment package of 50 million Deutschmarks. The company site is further enlarged with the acquisition of a property that has become vacant, with extensions being added to the existing halls.

Over a total area of more than 180,000 m² and approximately 40,000 m² of covered production areas, almost the entire value-added chain of MEISER is mapped today. The company's own splitting and wire-drawing plants, numerous production lines for press welded grating and press locked grating, several profiling lines for the manufacture of vineyard posts and special sections, as well as the manufacture of sheet metal profile grating since 2003, currently guarantee approximately 600 highly motivated employees a secure job and outstanding prospects for the future. MEISER in Vogtland is a shining example of a successful combination of the targeted promotion of economic development and a sustainable corporate strategy. The company's own toolmaking and mechanical engineering departments also guarantee the further development of existing activities abroad (Dubai, Turkey etc.) as well as the setting-up of further foreign production locations. Under the long-term managership of Frank Degenkolb and Dietmar Prätorius, MEISER succeeds from the first day on in achieving exemplary development in the former states of East Germany. In 2008 Mr Prätorius begins his retirement. He is succeeded by Robert Vièl, who together with Mr Degenkolb wants to further increase the diversification process.

Founded: 1991
Employees: ca. 1000
Business areas: Production and marketing of grating, stairs, profile grating, slit coil and vineyard posts, wire grating, GFRP grating, sheet piles and HTS wooden beams
Sales region: Worldwide

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Galvanising plant MEISER St. Ingbert

In the summer of 1997 MEISER requires the strip coating section of the St. Ingbert wire works (formerly Saarstahl AG), which is threatened by closure. Against the background that this area of the company was at the time a major customer of our steel processing business in Schmelz-Limbach, they see the opportunity to retain this supply connection while at the same time integrating the strip coating products into the product range of MEISER. The production locations, many of which have been neglected for years, are extensively refurbished and modernised by MEISER in the coming four years up to 2002 with a comprehensive investment programme to the amount of approximately €8.5 million. In addition to the reconstruction of the existing strip galvanising plant, the development of a second strip galvanising line that is fully in line with state-of-the-art technology is at the forefront.

Since final commissioning in the year 2002, MEISER has had one of the most modern and efficient narrow strip galvanising plants in Europe. The approximately 100 metre-long, fully automatic galvanising line satisfies the highest quality demands and naturally fulfils all of the current environmental standards. In 2005 further investments are completed in the strip coating field. From now on, the barrel hoop product supplements the MEISER product range. The company's own production plants guarantee flexible supplies to the barrel manufacturers, most of which are located in France. Furthermore, the galvanised steel strip is mainly used today as earthing straps and as the starting product for the manufacture of stamped and bent components.

Apart from the grating activities, the St. Ingbert site is very important for MEISER and ensures the requisite diversification within the company.

Founded: 1997
Employees: 46
Business areas: Strip galvanising plant for barrel bands, barrel hoops, earthing straps, punched and bent components
Sales region: Worldwide


Gebrüder MEISER GmbH Bandverzinkung St.Ingbert

Alleestraße 5
D-66386 St. Ingbert

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MEISER Limbacher Galvanising plant

The Limbacher galvanising plant is founded in the year 1984 and transforms the galvanising activities of MEISER, which had begun in 1969 with the construction of the first small hot dip galvanising plant, in a formally independent company.

The aim is to galvanise the products of the firm SPIG (guardrail production company), which had already been set up a few years earlier on the Limbach site, as well as the grating of MEISER. After the construction of the first modern galvanising plant in 1975, a second galvanising line is set up in 1990 to satisfy the increasing demand. Over the last few years the Limbach galvanising plant has had one of the highest throughput rates of all of the plants in Europe. In the 2009/2010 business year, an impressive record is achieved with 92,500 tonnes.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of MEISER, the Limbach galvanising plant is considered today to be a highly efficient hot dip galvanising plant of series parts, in particular guard rails and road protection systems, as well as grating.

In addition, great importance is attached to the theme of customer service. Absolute reliability, the highest possible levels of flexibility and speed without sacrificing quality make the Limbach galvanising plant the top address for third-party galvanising. In the coming years, significant investments in even more advanced technology are planned. With an exhaust air cleaning system and operation that is completely free of wastewater, the plant will be even more environmentally friendly.

Founded: 1984
Employees: 63
Business areas: Metal protection
Sales region: Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate
Gebrüder MEISER GmbH

Edmund Meiser Str. 1
D-66839 Schmelz-Limbach

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MEA Metal Applications GmbH

With effect from 1 January 2024, MEISER has acquired the MEA METAL APPLICATIONS group of companies

The MEA METAL APPLICATIONS Group is a renowned and long-standing supplier of gratings with a strong market presence in the so-called DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) with production plants in Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania, with around 500 employees generating an annual turnover of €50-60 million.

With this takeover, MEISER is further expanding its position as the European market leader for gratings. The additional market presence will enable MEISER to improve its market penetration and cover previously untapped regions and product segments.

Founded: 1886
Employees: 500
Business areas: Production and distribution of gratings, accessories and galvanising
Sales region: Wordwide


MEA Metal Applications GmbH

Sudetenstraße 1,
D-86551 Aichach

+49 8251910