For more than 10 years, the trading company NTJ AS has been exclusively and successfully merchandising MEISER products in Norway when MEISER concentrates its market presence in Norway in early 2015. MEISER Norway AS, a wholly-owned subsidiary, is founded in February 2015 in order to develop the Norwegian market for MEISER. Our Norwegian customers have now direct access to the MEISER distribution network and we are able to offer an extensive service and the complete product range.

Per Kilvaer, our managing director for many years at NTJ, is now responsible with his team for the MEISER activities in Norway.

Founded: 2015
Employees: 5
Business areas: Marketing of grating, sheet metal profile grating and GRP products; service center for small express orders
Sales region: Norway


Meiser Norway AS

Melsomvikveien 3
Postboks 113
N-3161 Stokke

Tel.: +47 (0) 33 30 58 30
Fax: +47 (0) 33 30 58 31