Barefoot Grating

Barefoot Grating

Product information

Some locations such as swimming baths are places where shoes are not usually worn. Here, a grating can be very useful. For this reason we have developed a grating which is also pleasant when walked on barefoot. The cross bar is a U-shaped section that is pressed in at a flat angle.

The clearance between these treads is approximately 9 mm. They are manufactured from steel or high-grade steel.

Technical data

Common mesh spacing

Bearing bar Bearing bar
22,20 8,25
33,30 8,25
66,60 8,25


Standard bearing bar profiles

Bearing barn 2 mm Bearing bar 3 mm
30/2 30/3
35/2 35/3
40/2 40/3
45/2 45/3
50/2 50/3
- 60/3