Comb Grating

Comb Grating

Product information

MEISER comb grating is a press locked grating with cross bars which protrude above the top surface of the bearing bars. This makes the bearing bars almost invisible, so that the grating no longer looks like a grille, but more like a comb. The emphasis on the cross bars produces a very elegant and light appearance. The clearance and number of bearing bars can be varied and are adapted to the static requirements. There are also several possible variations for the clearance of the cross bars.

MEISER comb grating can have a variety of uses, although their main application is usually where there are high aesthetical demands on appearance. This grating is therefore frequently found as a covering indoors, e.g. for air conditioning systems and heating ducts, but also as a high-quality channel grate and facade cladding in order to emphasise horizontal or vertical lines. The special arrangement of the bearing and cross bars means that they can also be readily used as sun shade elements.

Like the finned grating, the comb grating can also be produced with different materials and surfaces; furthermore, special profiles can be used as the cross bar for this special grating in order to provide particularly attractive effects.

Technical data

Common mesh spacing

Bearing bar Cross bar
21,00 11,1 16,7 22,2 33,3
22,20 11,1 16,7 22,2 33,3
33,30 11,1 16,7 22,2 33,3
66,60 11,1 16,7 22,2 33,3
99,90 11,1 16,7 22,2 33,3

Standard bearing bar profiles

Bearing bar 2 mm Bearing bar 3 mm
30/2 30/3
35/2 35/3
40/2 40/3
45/2 45/3
50/2 50/3