Finned Grating

Finned Grating

Product information

MEISER finned grating stands out considerably compared to a classical grating. The function of the cross bar is taken over in this version by a pipe that is inserted centrally in the bearing bars. This provides the finned grating with a very high-quality appearance, although this is less suitable for larger span widths.

In normal cases the finned grating is not provided with a surround, particularly in order not to disrupt the very clear design. Finned grating is often used as a high-quality ventilation cover for use indoors. To this purpose they can be manufactured from aluminium and high-grade steel, or of course in the classical version of hot dip galvanised steel. They can be further adapted to individual requirements through the use of special bearing bar profiles and different pipe diameters.

Technical data

Common mesh spacing

Bearing bar Cross bar
18,50 50 100 150 200 250 300


Standard bearing bar profiles

Bearing bar 3 mm