Full Press Locked Louvre Grating

Full Press Locked Louvre Grating

Product information

This special design of the louvre grating combines the technical properties of a conventional press locked grating and full grating with the attractive design of a louvre grating. The full press locked louvre grating is particularly suitable not only as facade cladding, but also as a crossover or walkway covering due to its static advantages.

The angle of the cross bars can be freely selected in this version. The load-bearing capacity of the full press locked louvre grating benefits from the very small punch depth of the bearing bars, which is only 10 mm. MEISER offers the full press locked louvre grating in steel, aluminium and high-grade steel. A notching in the bearing bars is possible, so that this version also offers a high level of slip resistance. Please note in your planning that for this type of grating we can only produce cross bar lengths up to 1,250 mm.

Technical data

Common mesh spacing

Bearing bar

Cross bar
22,2 22,2 33,3 44,4 66,6
33,3 22,2 33,3 44,4 66,6
44,4 22,2 33,3 44,4 66,6
66,6 22,2 33,3 44,4 66,6
99,9 22,2 33,3 44,4 66,6


Standard bearing bar profiles

Bearing bar 2 mm Bearing bar 3 mm
25/2 25/3
30/2 30/3
35/2 35/3
40/2 40/3
45/2 45/3
50/2 50/3