GRP-Construction profiles

GRP-Construction profiles

Product information

MEISER GRP profiles are an innovative alternative to traditional construction materials as steel, aluminium, wood or concrete. With a relatively small selection of GRP profiles a wide range of applications can be realized: e.g. staircases, stages, gangways and ladders.

All MEISER GRP profiles are manufactured according to the European Norm EN 13706.

Unsaturated polyester are standard use.

The reinforcing glass fibers run as rovings longitudinally and serve as a cross reinforcing mat. The layout is complemented by a thermoplastic surface veil. The standard colour is grey similar to RAL 7032.

The manufacturing of the MEISER GRP profiles is certified according ISO 9001/2015 and supervised by independent testing institutes.

MEISER keeps the so called EBA permission (EBA = legal authority of German Railways) for GRP- construction profiles acc. TM 2010-354 I.NVT 4 (TM = technical memorandum).

Consequently all marked products can be used as substructures for signal platforms, catwalks and staircases.


Characteristics of construction profiles

Characteristics Norm Unit Axial Transversal
tensile strength EN ISO 527-4 MPa 240 70-120
tensile modulus EN ISO 527-4 MPa 26000 8000
flexural strength EN ISO 14125 MPa 260 100-120
flexural modulus EN ISO 14125 MPa 24000 9000
compressive strength EN ISO 14126 MPa 250 80-90
compressive modulus EN ISO 14126 MPa 20000 4500
impact strength EN ISO 179-2 kJ/m² 180
interlaminar shear strength EN ISO 14130 MPa 70
density ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1,85
glass content ISO 1172 Gew. % 60
Barcol hardness EN 59 ° >35
volume resistivity DIN 53482 Ohm/cm 10^10 bis 10^15
surface resistant ISO 93 Ohm 10^12
dielectric strength DIN VDE 303 kV/mm 5
dielectric Coefficient DIN 53438   >5
coeff. thermal expansion ISO 11359-2 mm/mmK 12*10^-6
thermal conductivity DIN 51936 W/mK 0,35
specific heat capacity ISO 11357 kJ/kgK 1,1
continuous use temperature   °C -60 bis +150
water absorption ISO 62 % 0,15
dimensional stability (Martens) DIN 53462 °C 200