GRP Roundtube guardrail

GRP Roundtube guardrail

Product information

The GRP-roundtube guardrail mainly consists of a 50 mm GRP-round tube. Special GRP-fittings which are glued and riveted with the round tubes allow for the typical connection details.

The GRP-roundtube guardrail has a perfect design for a “plug in”- guardrail.

Optionally, it can be fixed to the subconstruction using post feet made of GRP.


Technical data

Post, handrail and kneerail (roundtube)

(ØA X D)
Description ACC. EN 13706 Weight/m
50 x 4 mm R50/4 EN 3706-OGV-IFU E23 1,12 kg


Dimension Description ACC. EN 13706 Weight/m
150 x 12 x 3 mm Fl 150/3 EN13706-ZGV-IFU E17 0,99 kg

Detailed views

Post foot GRP

Plug-in guardrail section