GRP Safety flooring

GRP Safety flooring

Product information

The MEISER GRP flooring consists of a GRP grating, guaranteeing the bearing function, and a GRP panel laminated on top.

The thickness of the panel is 3 mm standardized.

Optionally, a panel thickness of 5 mm is available. Providing an optimal connection of the two elements, the surface of the gratings is grinded plane before laminating the panel.

Basically, all moulded GRP gratings can be used for GRP safety floorings.

MEISER manufacture a range of common types for stock.

These in-stock types are adjusted to the other in-stock gratings. Therefore larger areas can be covered with both products avoiding tripping edges.

There is a range of different surfaces. The surface of the in-stock GRP-safety floorings is corundum-gritted (KB).

Please consider our explanations regarding anti-skid properties.