I-Bar Type pultruded GRP-Grating

I-Bar Type pultruded GRP-Grating

Product information

Pultruded GRP-gratings consist of bearing bars and crossbars. The percentage of glass comprises ca. 68%. Pultruded GRP gratings have a distinct higher stiffness than moulded GRP gratings. Therefore, bigger spans can be achieved or the construction height can be comparatively lowered.

The special arrangement of bearing bars and crossbars enables a permanent stability. The bearing bars are manufactured according EN 13706 with a profile layout of longitudinal glass fiber rovings, cross reinforced glass fiber mats and a surface veil.

Basically, pultruded GRP-gratings distinguish between T- or I – bar cross section. There is a range of different surfaces.

Please consider our explanations regarding anti-skid properties.