Offshore Press Welded Grating

Offshore Press Welded Grating

Product information

This type of grating has been specially designed for use in the offshore oil and gas industry. The background to this is the specification that a test ball with a diameter of 15 mm must not fall through the grating. In order to guarantee this, an intermediate round bar is welded parallel and centrally between the bearing bars to the underside of the twisted square cross bars using the automatic resistance welding method. This provides the offshore grating with additional stability, which is very useful in the harsh conditions on offshore oil rigs.

Technical data

Common mesh spacing

Bearing bar Cross bar
34,30 101,6
38,28 101,6


Standard bearing bar profiles

Bearing bar
3 mm
Bearing bar
5 mm
25/3 25/5
30/3 30/5
35/3 35/5
40/3 40/5
45/3 45/5
50/3 50/5
60/3 60/5