Passcran Gangway

Passcran Gangway

Product information


  • Chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical industries: Gangways in technical galleries
  • Mining and quarrying: gangways on conveyor belt installations
  • All industries/ports: gangways on cranes and travelling cranes


  • Quick and easy to install
  • With integrated skirting board
  • In accordance with EN ISO 14122 "Safety on machines – Permanent means of access to machinery“
  • Safety: anti-slip surface, drainage of liquids guaranteed
  • Durable and robust: hot-dip galvanised material

Technical data


  • 16 kg/running metre for 2 half gangways of 300 mm width each, total width 600 mm
  • 18,5 kg/running metre for 2 half gangways of 350 mm width each, total width 700 mm


Steel, hot-dip galvanised after fabrication.
Other materials or surface treatments on request.

Safe to walk on with 150 kg on 200 x 200 mm. Span 2.500 mm.
Distributed load: 250 to 350 kg/m2. Span 2.500 mm.


*Produced in France.