Staircases Special Structures

Staircases Special Structures

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they are usually also spiral staircases or straight staircases but they do not always fulfil the purpose of a normal fire escape or industrial staircase.

Special structures, such as lookout towers for example, are always a special case, as with this project, where interaction is required between the staircase and the steel/wood structure. Close cooperation between the staircase manufacturer, third party trades and planners is essential for the success of the structure as a whole. Contact us with your specific requirements and place your trust in our strengths in the sectors of consultancy, planning and execution.

It is rare to use staircases that are supported only by the building and that take their inner stability from their own structure. This is, however, possible in the case of a reinforced concrete building because of its high load-bearing capacity.

Special structures can differ from the norm in widely varying ways. We are able to fulfil any kind of a special request thanks to our machinery and laser systems.

The method by which the spiral staircase is attached depends essentially on the diameter and the total height. The number of necessary connection points may vary, but the decisive point is whether it is possible to attach the staircase directly to the building. If the building type does not allow this, then brackets can be used to bridge the insulation and horizontal differences in height between the access height and the mounting point.

If an additional distance of 1.5 m between the staircase and the building is required for fire safety reasons, then this is solved by extending the landing in the access area and with pipe structures on the resting landings. The structural design of the necessary brackets is based on the transferred loads and the distance that needs to be covered.

We design the details as part of the construction documentation and submit it to you for approval.